Implementation of PDCA Cycle held in June, 2018

Aimnext Vietnam has successfully organized “Implementation of PDCA Cycle” Course on Jun 11th - 12thin Ho Chi Minh City and on Jun 18th - 19th in Ha Noi City, instructed by Lecturer Thai Thi Thanh Thuy.

 PDCA Cycle is an effective "weapon" to make a specific plan to achieve your goal (Plan), know how to carry out that plan (Do), check during the process (Check) and think of improvement methods or figure out next action (Action). 

Each stage Plan - Do - Check - Action is practiced through group discussion. Each group make their own plan to carry out a project, assume the result of Do stage, then propose actions to solve the problems or improve the project. The content of the groups' projects vary from how to decrease the broken goods to 0.03% to how to lose weight for 3 months. That is how PDCA can be applied not only to your work but also your daily life.


After 2 training days, not only the best team wins a prize, but also each participant does. The prize is the useful knowledge and sincere sharing from  others who has years working experience.


Besides, you can make some new friends, establish new relationship or meet a potential client after finishing the course together.

The course has ended. AIMNEXT hope participants can apply PDCA effectively to finish the 1 month Action Plan to get AIMNEXT's certificate. Moreover, you can control your work to get the final result "ACHIEVE THE TARGET".