Mr. Hideo Mitsunaga
Mr. Le Thanh Nguyen

Kyoshin Vietnam has a strong enthusiasm for human resource development, and Aimnext Vietnam is currently conducting a long-term training program for middle-managers under the direction of General Director Mr. Mitsunaga, and Executive Director Mr. Nguyen. When visiting the company, we are always highly impressed by the association between Mr. Mitsunaga and Mr. Nguyen through 12 years working together. Mr. Mitsunaga always puts his trust in Mr. Nguyen and empowers the job, while Mr. Nguyen can understand thoroughly even when Mr. Mitsunaga doesn't say.
We're honored to have an interview with these great two top management.

■ Why do you want to hold training courses for your staffs?

Improving capabilities of Vietnamese middle managers

We have Aimnext provide training service in order to enhance ability of Vietnamese middle managers in our company. From the long-term perspective, I believe that for the sustainable development of the company,  developing the next generation of middle managers is indispensable. In addition, I also believe once the skills of middle managers are enhanced, the competencies of the whole organization is naturally increased.


■ What do you think of the training result comparing to your expectation?

Visible result

We've been using training service of Aimnext since 2017, and I gradually realize that the effect becomes clearer and clearer. Especially for "5S Improvement Project", the participants themselves took the initiative to implement 5S activities after the training, and as a result, 5S in the factory was visibly improved. In fact, when our customers visited the factory, they gave us great compliments such as "It has changed so much, and just like a totally different factory compared with the past". Although we are still on the road, when there's such "visible" result like that, once again, I think it's great to hold training for company. Besides, thanks to that beautiful experience of success, the participants themselves become highly motivated, and they begin thinking and acting proactively in everything.

■ What aspects in Aimnext's training program are you satisfied with?

Vietnamese trainers and Follow-up after training

Strong points in Aimnext's training programs are all training trained by Vietnamese trainer and follow-up program after training. Actually, we used to request training and consulting service from other companies, which our staffs were trained by Japanese trainers with interpreter. However, because of the language barrier and lack of understanding in Vietnamese's characteristics, it seemed that the participants were unable to absorb the knowledge completely, and think positively about what they learned.
On the other hand, Aimnext has Vietnamese trainers who understand Japan’s "Monozukuri" and have practical experience. Therefore, all above problems are solved, and I can feel that the participants' reaction to the training was really good. In addition, I think the best things for us is that Aimnext not only conducts the training but also plans follow-up programs for the participants. It is because Vietnamese can not actively put the knowledge into practice or continue learning if there's no follow-up after training. In that meaning, I think that the Action Plan, which gives the chance for participants to apply what they’ve learned in their daily work, and the follow-up training sessions after conducting Action Plan are extremely effective.


■ What do you expect from our courses in future?

Stay closed to company activities

Before training course, if trainers could have a deeper understanding of what kind of products the company is producing, and what kind of environment participants are working in, etc., the training would be even more effective. Because the more exercises are closed to the situation of company, the easier it is for the participants to turn what they've learn into practice. 

Mr. Mitsunaga, Mr. Nguyen, thank you for your cooperation in this interview! We continue doing all the best what we can in order to keep up with your trust. Moreover, we will also not only focus on standard training but also develop our training courses which can respond to the requirements of each company.