Mr. Shin Endo

KING JIM (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. has always put a lot of effort into staff training, we have been in partnership for many years since the establishment of our company. In our visits to KING JIM, we witnessed their proper implementation of 5S, the energetic welcome from all employees and the comfortable and active working environment. 

We have had some talks with Mr.Endo - the Director of KING JIM (VIETNAM) CO., LTD.

■Why do you want to hold training courses for your employees?

Equip young people with the basic knowledge to work in Japanese companies.

We regularly request for the training as we want our staff to learn minimum basic knowledge about 5S and kaizen and turn it to a habit when they work in Japanese company, from their early entry into the company. From 2017, we also started projects to launch new products and lower cost. In order to make the project successful, we also request specialized training for each issue.


■Can you tell us how your staffs apply the knowledge they've learnt in work and the result?

The staffs' ability have been improved thanks to regular training.

Our company have conducted in-house training until now, but it's very difficult for staffs to obtain the skills by one-time training. We hope that staff will realize that their own skills have been enhanced by regular training from experts. In fact, we also received high compliments and favorable review from our customers that it is a factory with well-established 5S/Kaizen activities. In addition, the new project starting from 2017 is still in progress, but everything has been going smoothly.


■What aspects in Aimnext's training programs do you feel satisfied with?

The training process makes participants not learn passively but actively acquire the knowledge.

It is difficult to acquire the knowledge and skills with the traditional training method of one way teaching and listening. I feel that Aimnext’s training courses provide many activities for participants to actively join in and get involved. For Aimnext’s training, I can see that participants always give very good feedback in questionnaire and are very excited.


■What do you expect from our courses in future?

Propose training plan according to participants' training situation.

Training plays an important role to company's growth, but in Vietnam the training management and progress assessment aren't properly conducted. it could be very useful if Aimnext could have a mechanism to propose the training plan that is based on the particpants’ training situation. 

Thank you very much for the interview.  

Also, thank you for your valuable opinion which is such a very helpful reference to us. We will consider the courses your company have held, contact regularly and cooperate with your company to propose a suitable training plan for your staffs.