Obstacles to Kaizen

Staffs don’t understand meaning of kaizen, leading to lack of kaizen ideas or can’t realize problems to improved.

Staffs aren’t trained gemba kaizen systematically. So they don’t know where to start and feel that kaizen is too difficult.

Your company is conducting kaizen program, but it isn’t as effective as you expect.


Expected Result

Staffs understand importance of kaizen, hence motivates them to kaizen.

Staffs are provided with kaizen process, knowledge and tools to apply into Kaizen activities.

Consultant accompanies staffs in their kaizen project. Company could see the result right away.



01                 Consulting program is specially for Japanese companies and also for Vietnamese and foreign companies aiming for Japanese’s real kaizen (continuous improvement).
02         Client can see the short-term result (3 month ~ 1 year) right after the consulting. Staff can learn lesson, and experience to for future’s kaizen actities
03          TProgram is built based on each client’s actual situation and needs. Consultants follow the client’s kaizen progress closely with regular factory patrol.
04       Vietnamese consultants are qualified with high expertise, profound kaizen teaching, consulting and practical management experience in Japanese enterprises.

Consulting progarm

Actual cases


Download pamphlet "Gemba Kaizen Consulting" here:

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