Staff Development Through Job instruction and Coaching

Prepare skills, methods and techniques for effective staff training

Do you clearly understand benefits and the importance of staff training and development in your career path as a manager?

  1. Have you already prepared yourself with necessary skills for staff training and development?
  2. Have you thoroughly obtained the most effective methods and process of job instruction and coaching for staff?

This “Staff development through Job Instruction and Coaching" course will help you to develop your staff’s ability, and together achieve the work target.


  • Duration:
  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study, role play and group discussion etc.


  • Understanding the importance of staff training and development
  • Obtain necessary skills and carry out effective process of job instruction and coaching based on situations.


  • Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers etc.


Part 1: Overview of Job instruction and Coaching Part 2: Foundational skills for effective Job instruction and Coaching
2.1. Communication process: Listening – Reflecting – Questioning – Giving feedback
2.2. Thinking way: Listening - No confuting - Encouraging – Supporting – Priding – Inspiring


Part 3: Process of Job instruction and Coaching
3.1 Stage 1: Making training plan
3.2 Stage 2: implementation on the job training in 2 methods
3.2.1 Job instruction: 4 steps

3.2.2 Coaching

A. Coaching 6 golden rules

B. Coaching process: GROW

3.3 Stage 3: Evaluation

Part 4: Action Plan


Until April 2017
54Participants have joined this course.
12Companies have used our service for this course.
100%Participants evaluate the course is "Useful"  (In which, "Very useful" is 67%).
100%Participants evaluate the consultant is "Good" (In which, "Very good" is 31%).

Participants' feedback

” I did understand 2 methods for staff development.”

(A participant from 2017 Public course)

" I can understand the overall, purpose and importance of staff development. Besides, I get the skill of training staffs and will apply it at my company."

(A participant from 2017 course)


"Staff development through Job instruction and Coaching" pamphlet 

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