Omotenashi - Japanese hospitality

Give a strong impression to your customer!

Provide excellent customer service and embody the values of “Omotenashi"

  1. Do you know that the spirit of Japanese customer service is Omotenashi? What are the most important factors of Omotenashi?
  2. Do you want to know how to provide “Omotenashi” and move your client with it?
  3. Do you want to equip “Omotenashi” for yourself and act in work through practical examples and practices?

This course helps you understand the concepts and necessity of “Omotenashi”. Through the examples and practices in the course, you can not only understand the theory but also be able to apply it to your work, distinguish yourself and your companiy’s service from the other.


  • Duration:
  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.


  • Understand the meaning of “Omotenashi”
  • Enhance basic knowledge and skills to provide “Omotenashi”


  • Staffs who work directly with customers


Part 1: Omotenashi
1.1 Overview of Product/ Service/ Perfomance
1.2 Omotenashi 
Part 2:How to provide Omotenashi? 
2.1 Necessary skills to provide Omotenashi
2.2 5 notices to provide Omotenashi 
Part 3: Steps to provide Omotenashi 
3.1 Step 1: Developing an awareness
3.2 Step 2: Observing 
3.3 Step 3: Understanding/ Sympathizing
3.4 Step 4: Taking action 
Part 4: Learning from actual examples
Part 5: Action plan


Participants' feedback


"Omotenashi - Japanese hospitality" pamphlet 

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