7 Tools of Quality Control

Applying 7 QC tools to enhance the capability of quality control!

At your factory…

  1. Though many data are collected, they haven’t been used effectively to strengthen quality control activities.
  2. When there is a case of defective product, it takes too much time to track the cause of the problem.
  3. The quality improvement activities do not meet your expectation.

So, what is the solution?


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3 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.


  • Understanding the basic knowledge and how to use each of 7 tools of Quality control.
  • Comprehending the methods to draw 7 tools by using Microsoft Excel.
  • Grasping 7 steps of problem solving and methods to apply 7 tools of QC to the reality of work.


  • Managers, supervisors, leaders, QC staffs at the factory.


Part 1: First, let’s understand the concept of Quality Control! Part 2:  Understand and practice using 7 tools of Quality Control!
Part 3: Apply 7 tools, implementing Quality Control and improvement activities! Part 4: Action Plan


Until April 2017
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Participants' feedback

"I understand how to analyze the causes of the problems and find the solutions. "

(A participant from Public course in 2016)

"I thoroughly understand the purpose and the points need to be noticed when using each QC tool."

(A participant from In-house course , 2018)


"7 Tools of Quality control" pamphlet.

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