Production Control

Are you well-prepared to become a production control manager?

  1. Do you thoroughly understand basic production operation and mechanism of production control ?
  2. Could you effectively implement the whole operation from planning to instruction, and monitoring in production?
  3. Do you know various useful tools for Kaizen in production, such as quality improvement and lead-time shortening?

Be ready to apply for our training course “Enhancing operation of Production control”, to equip yourself with necessary skills and knowledge to become an excellent production manager, in supporting company to increase profit by improving the operation of production control.


  • Duration:
  • Language
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
3 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.


  • To comprehend knowledges about basic operation of production control, as well as understand roles and responsibilities of a production control personnel.
  • To understand whole operation from planning to instruction, monitoring of production and manage production activities properly. As a result, to promote Kaizen for quality, delivery and so on.


  • Staffs, Leaders, Managers of production and production control Dept., or Managers of Engineering Dept., QC Dept. and other related Dept.


Part 1: What’s Production Control? Part 2: Understand basic operation of production control!
Part 3: Action Plan

Participants' feedback

"I've got the basic knowledge of production control."

(A participant from Public course, 2017)

"I understand how to analyze each process, kaizen methods and training methods as well."

(A participant from Public course, 2017)


"Enhancing Operation of Production Control" pamphlet 

For the sample of training material please send your request to us here.