Basic Logical Thinking

Do you think logical thinking is a fundamental foundation for developing all of other skills?

  1. You might hear about Logical Thinking, but do you truly understand what logic means and how to logically think and communicate?
  2. When you present the report, your superior often does not understand what you want to say, and take a lots of time to ask you questions and report to be revised many times?
  3. When solving problem, you don’t know where to start, how to find out the root causes, or the solution you suggested is not approved because of lacking the basic logic?

By improving your logical thinking, you cut down 10 mins of ineffective communication with your superior each day, then you can save more than 2000 hours per year. In addition, we believe logical thinking is a basic foundation for you to improve your capacity and your skill further.


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2 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study, role play and group discussion etc.


  • To learn the basic knowledge and skills about logical thinking.
  • To use logical thinking for effective problem solving.
  • To logically speak and write document.


  • Staff, Leaders, Managers or candidates for the above position


Part 1: What is logic?
Part 2: Solving problems by logical thinking   
Part 3: Stating and writing document logically 
Part 4: Action Plan  


Until April 2017
142The number of participants
22The number of clients
100%Participants evaluate the course  is"useful" (In which, "Very useful" is 82%)
98%Participants evaluate the consultant is "Good" or more (In which, "Very good" is 33%)

Participants' feedback

"This course helps me think, communicate and discuss with my superiors and clients logically."

(A participant in 2017 course)

"I can apply logical thinking to my work to increase the productivity and efficiency."

(A participant in 2017 course)


“Basic Logical Thinking” pamphlet. 

For the sample of training material please send your request to us here.


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