Basic Management Skills

Are you ready to become a professional manager ?

 Do you fully understand the roles and the responsibilities of a manager in a company?

 Can you comprehend and analyze the corporate financial statements, from there understand the corporate status thoroughly and
    propose appropriate plans?

 As a leader, do you know how to promote your leadership skills, encourage and inspire the team’s determination to achieve
    a set target?

 Are you well aware and skilled enough to train your subordinates?

Our “Basic Management Skills” training course will help you understand the roles, responsibilities of a manager and equip yourself with the most necessary basic management skills. From there, you can promote your ability to the fullest as a manager, quickly become a right-hand man of your company’s strategy and development in Vietnam.


  • Duration:
  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days
At client's company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study, role play and group discussion etc.


  • Understanding the roles and the responsibilities of a manager
  • Comprehending basic management skills


  • Managers, Assistant Managers, Supervisors and etc.


Part 1: What is management?

Part 2: The roles of a manager
Part 3: Efficient management skills
1. Basic knowledge in management
2. Management by objectives MBO
3. Working with subordinate
Part 4: Action Plan ~ Management ability enhancement



Until April 2017
751Participants have joined this course.
194Companies have used our service for this course.
100%Participants evaluate the course is "Useful" (In which, "Very useful" is 78%)
100%Participants evaluate the consultant "Good" ("Very good" is 54%)

Participants' feedback

"This course is useful since I lack management skill and don't know how to develop my skills."

(A participant of Public course, 2017)

"After the course, I understand the roles and responsibilities of a manager toward my superiors, subordinates, colleagues, clients, company, etc. and the missions/vision of the company. I also know how to manage MBO of myself and my subordinates and train staffs."

(A participant of Public course, 2017)


“Basic Management Skills” pamphlet  

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