Leadership Skill Development

~Enhance Leadership skills, lead the team to the success!~

Are you focusing on developing leadership skill to ensure your team effectiveness?

  1. Do you believe that leadership is not a born gift but is generated through the process of continuously learning and practicing?
  2. Have you wondered why profound knowledge and great experience are just not enough to help you become a good leader? If the answer is yes, then do you know what you are lacking?
  3. As a team leader, do you know how to lead and encourage your team members in order to bring out the best of their capabilities and achieve team’s objectives?


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3 days
At client's company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study, role play and group discussion etc.


  • Understand role of a leader as well as required qualities and skills to be a good leader.
  • Be able to apply communication skills, task management and problem solving skills into practice
  • Understand how to effectively lead team members and enhance work efficiency.


  • Middle manager and candidates for middle manager position (Department manager/ vice manager, supervisor and project manager)


Part 1: Building foundation for a leader Part 2: Developing your leadership skills
1. Persuasive communication skill
2. Problem solving skill 3. Coaching skill
4. High-performance team building 5. Employee motivation skill Part 3: Action plan to develop leadership skill



Until April 2017
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Participants' feedback

"This course helps me apply communication skills, team-working skills and problem solving skills to my work. "

(A participant of Public course, 2016)

"This course helps me know how to set goals and make plans for my work. It also helps me know how to manage staffs through leadership skills (communication, employee motivation..). "

(A participant of Public course, 2017)


“Leadership Skill Development” pamphlet  

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