Our approach

Besides recruitment and training, performance appraisal system plays an extremely important role in pursuing the sustainable development for the company.
"We are operating the same appraisal system as Japanese headquarter for Vietnamese branches. But it didn’t go smoothly".
"We would like to design a performance appraisal system from the start but can't do it because of lacking of experience".
Many Japanese companies which are struggling to design and operate an effective performance appraisal system have said to us.
We are here to accompany and support you in designing and operating an appraisal system that can based on your specific request. With years of experience in staff training, we are confident to be able to help you with an effective appraisal system which can further contribute to your human resource development.

If your enterprise is facing below problems, thinking of our service before they become more serious:

 Evaluation categories and criteria are so vague that a lot of employees feel unsatisfied or are in doubt about the result.

The current appraisal system does not work effectively.

The key potential staffs keep leaving the company.

The employees don't work actively, always feel that "I am forced to do the job" → unable to improve their performance or upgrade their skills.

To solve above problems, we support in:

Building up an effective evaluation system which is easily applied, even with small-medium enterprises.

Creating evaluation categories and criteria that is easy to understand for all employees

Motivating and increasing employee engagement.

Helping employees to understand management’s expectation, realizing their weakness, then striving to improve themselves.

Contents and procedure of our service

*We can provide one stage or a whole process. For further information, please contact us.