Professional Sales Skill (B2B)

Important lessons & tips for sales success

Sales Skill Improvement - A key to increase business revenue!

  1. How to identify and obtain potential customers in order to increase market share?
  2. How to make a great first impression with customers?
  3. How to present product/ service persuasively?
  4. How to maintain customer loyalty?

“Professional Sales Skill” training course provides necessary knowledge and techniques to build up strong relationships with customers, to increase sales number as well as business’ activities.


  • Duration:
  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.


  • Be able to use information from different sources in order to identify potential customers.
  • Understand thoroughly necessary skills and whole professional sales process in order to increase sales productivity and sales number.
  • Be able to create more sales opportunities after having contract signed


  • Sales staff, business staff and etc.


Part 1: Identify potential customers Part 2: 5-Step Process of approaching & selling products/ service to customers
1. Step 1: Preparation for approaching customer 2. Step 2 : Sales meeting presentation 3. Step 3: Product/ Service presentation & Negotiation
4. Step 4: Close sales negotiation 5. Step 5: Sign a business contract
Part 3: Summarize and Action Plan
~ Make a action plan for improving sales skills ~


Until April 2017
31Participants have joined this course.
16Companies have used our service for this course.
100%Participants evaluate the course is "Useful"  (In which, "Very useful" is 73%).
97%Participants evaluate the consultant is "Good" (In which, "Very good" is 57%).

Participants' feedback

” This course helps me to fix the mistakes I used to make while working with clients”

(A participant from 2017 course)

”I can apply what I've learnt to my work.”

(A participant from 2017 course)


"Professional Sale Skills" pamphlet 

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