Through employee satisfaction survey using “Niser ES”, we help the company figure out its problems in organization and human resource management.

“Niser ES” is a tool in conducting employee satisfaction survey.
With profound experience in human resource development, we support you to clarify business issues from the viewpoint of HR and give advice about the possible countermeasure in the future.

Target  Vietnamese staffs 
Language Vietnamese 
Method  Answer online questionnaires through website.
(Printed questionnaire can be provided with extra charge)  
 Content 63 questions are divided in to 3 categories including
“Company”, “Workplace”, “Job” and further divided into 13 areas.

3 Special Features

01  Clarify your company's strengths and weaknesses related to 3 categories "Company", "Workplace" and "Job" with a 13-field and 63-question survey

The Employee Statisfaction Survey tool “Niser ES” was produced based on the request from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. The questions are carefully designed based on the throughout analysis result of previous survey experience. Therefore, it is covering a wide range of areas, including 3 categories “Company”, “Workplace”, “Job, 13 areas and 63 questions. In addition, we can also add up to 5 more questions into the questionnaire upon request (Optional).

02 Specify issues of each department, position and so on.
Clarify issues by diagnosis result of different attribute, such as by departments, by positions etc.

In our report, we visualize the analysis with graphs showing the proportion of the answer result by attribute such as department, position, age, ect. Therefore, the company can understand the difference in satisfaction level, for example between sales department and production department, staffs and the managers, and so on. That can help the company make effective countermeasures for each target.

03 Get a quick result with online survey

Clients can save time and effort with the online survey. It takes about 5 - 10 minutes for each participant to finish the survey. Hence, the survey can be conducted on a regular basis.

Report Sample

Ranking in “Level of satisfaction” and “Strengths in relationship with satisfaction”

From the result of “Level of satisfaction” and “Strengths in relationship with satisfaction” for 13 areas, the company can identify areas that are highly effective in improving overall satisfaction.

Result by attribute
(eg, "department")


By graphing the result of 13 areas by attribute, the company can identify the target of measures in improving satisfaction.