Company trip will be much more meaningful by including team-building activities.

Combine between the Vietnamese’s delight of traveling and fruitful investment in manpower.

It's no more a merely relaxing trip, team-building activities reinforce communication among employees.

An effective method to develop employees’ teamwork skills.

Teambuilding helps strengthen awareness of teamwork among participants when they complete and cooperate in all the games together. Later they can apply that spirit in work to achieve bigger success.

Employees can have deeper understanding about company’s value, strategy and products.

Information such as vision, mission or corporate culture is unknowingly incorporated into activities. This deepens employees' awareness of company’s value.

Conducted as “outdoor training”, teambuilding cost is deducted from Earning before tax (EBT) when defining Corporate Income Tax.

Cost for company’s travel is not allowed to be recorded as tax-deductive expenses (Letter No. 9282/CT-TT&HT) while cost for "out-door training" can do that.

3 Special Features

We provide effective team-building programs developed based on our experience of human resource training and consultancy.

01 Highly effective activities for teamwork development

As a professional training and consulting company, AIMNEXT is capable to develop the most suitable team-building activities which result in a fruitful teamwork.

02 Full package service

Our service covers from planning and organizing team-building program to all other logistic matters including transportation, accommodations and food during the trip.

03 Professional staffs with high fluency in Japanese – English – Vietnamese

Our staffs can communicate fluently in Japanese, English and Vietnamese. Therefore, we can understand client’s demand & expectations clearer and solve problems quicker.


Game “Together to the future”

Standing on 2 wooden sticks and holding strings attached to the sticks, members of each group have to move together to the finish line. The meaning of the game is "Company is strong only when every employee cooperates with each other and walk in one direction".

Game “Crossing Death Valley”

Provided 7 wooden sticks, all group members have to cross a swamp with all the sticks collected with them. The meaning of the game is "In difficult situations, the strength and brightness of all members are fully exploited. Individuals will have difficulties to figure out the best solution alone".

Game “Obstacle Course Racing”

One member at a time overcomes various obstacles to get back a puzzle. Then puzzles have to be put in the right order which is company's logo, products etc. The meaning of the game is "Each staff is an essential part of a company. Only if each person fulfills their duties, the company can be successful".